What is the CRT Council?


As a charity, the people who are responsible for how the Canal and River Trust is run are the Board of Trustees. These people don't make all the day to day decisions, instead they appoint Executives like the CEO Richard Parry to run things each day, but it is the Trustees who set the direction of CRT and who are responsible if things go wrong.

But who appoints the Trustees?

This is where the CRT Council comes in. The Council is responsible for appointing the Trustees and also provides advice to CRT. The Council has 50 people on it, including representatives of boaters, businesses, cyclists and anglers.

And who appoints the Council?

You do! Well, in part. There are 4 positions for 'Private Boaters' who represent all CRT licence holders. Organisations like the IWA get an automatic place on the Council so it's important to use the 4 private boating places to represent other boaters like the liveaboard community.

Please vote for me to be your representative on the Council to help ensure that liveaboard boaters have a voice at the table.