Dave Mendes da Costa

Liveaboard boater since 2013
I live on a narrowboat called Stellar, which I moved onto in the summer of 2013 in Bristol. My first journey, travelling along the Kennet & Avon and River Thames to London, where I was moving for work, was one of the best experiences of my life: moving slowly, enjoying new places (and pubs) and learning bit by bit how to manoeuvre Stellar. But it was the people who made the biggest impression, showing me how to open the weed hatch when my prop got spoiled; lending me a magnet to find my dropped keys and teaching me how to tie knots and best enter and work the locks. 

It's this community and way of living which I want to help promote and protect.

Since that first voyage I've had the pleasure of travelling all around the London waters and beyond, taking a year to explore the wider network including the stunning Llangollen and the tough, but rewarding, Rochdale canal. Everywhere has been punctuated by great people, wonderful surroundings and exciting scrapes that you can't avoid as a boater. 

I've also worked to represent boaters through Chairing NBTA London in 2017 and going to many meetings including with a Deputy Mayor of London to discuss air quality and boats; CRT officials to push for new facilities; and many, many consultation meetings and responses to local planners who see money in canalside developments but often miss the opportunity to work together with us.

I want to keep supporting our community by taking our voice to the CRT Council. I hope you will support me and vote for me in this election.