How I plan to involve boaters in the Council


Democracy isn't just about voting, it's about being given the chance to get actively involved. As we enter the final days of the CRT Council election I wanted to say a few words about how I would look to keep boaters involved if I secure a place on the CRT Council.

The first thing I pledge is to keep you informed of what is being discussed with the Council and of any important decisions or changes being made in CRT. I want you to know what is going on. I'll do this through this website, blogs and through social media. I'll also set up a mailing list which you can subscribe to.

Then I want to know what you think. Through your comments on blogs and online. From conversations on the towpath. I'll also have a dedicated email address which you can use to get in touch which I'll regularly monitor. If I'm being asked for a boater's perspective then I will want to know yours.

I want to help connect you with what is going on and work with you to make sure the canals and rivers stay working for all boaters.

If you have not voted yet, please consider giving me your vote and then let us work together to make our voice heard.